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This truly sublime element from the 'Must Have' line of La Rustichella Truffles

The Black Truffle Pate will not only make your dinner daringly unique, but will also make it positively unforgettable. 

Beloved of our customers, and acknowledged as a bestseller in the world, it is the most sought-after ingredient of our full available range. 

It enchances most winter dishes such as risottos, pasta and main courses of red meat and gives a uniqueness to lighter dishes from spring and summer. Ideal for appetizers, risottos, pastas and main course. 

Black Truffle Pate 90g

SKU: 8054726880210
  • Once the jar has been unlocked for use remember to keep the unused truffle covered and submerged in olive oil/sunflower oil upto its level and then refridgerate.

    Consume within 20 days once opened.

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